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Andrea Björsell, was born in South Korea and at the age of two she was adopted to Sweden. Her photographic style and expertise stems from more than her Swedish upbringing. Andrea's photographic signature work has a uniqueness that has become increasingly rare in the industry. Andrea is a purist among photographers. She doesn't utilize any of the current computer tricks to manipulate or alter her images. Instead Andrea concentrates on experimenting with various lightnings and exposure techniques to achieve her own unique visual quality.

In the past few years, Andrea has created international intrigue and an increasing demand for her work from international designers, editorials, advertising and catalogue photography bureaus. Some of her Swedish clients include such international companies as IKEA Home Furnishings, Eton Shirts, Swegmark Underwear, Panos Emporio Sportswear. In addition, her work can be seen in leading media outlets throughout Sweden. These international clients gave Andrea the exposure and ability to extend her expertise Into England. Her work has been featured in such prestigious publications as Hotel Bel Air magazine, NYC magazine, Russian Playboy.